Bath House

Site: Saco Lake Wellness Center, Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), New Hampshire

Early concept drawings

Conceptual diagrams


Expanding on the considerations of materiality and architectural atmospheric conditions, this project focused on the design of three different basins of water to create a relaxing spa for hikers who may come across it during their tiring climb up the mountainous terrain. To get a feel for the general geometries that I wanted, I studied and experimented with conceptual diagrams looking at circulation, temperatures of the water basins, which areas on the site and in the building would be most populous, and the two key materials that were to be used; wood and concrete. 

As seen in the images above, I tried to play with varying shapes and styles. Towards the end of the designing process, I made my decision on a triangular and point geometry due to its nature as a strong and stable structure, and the hierarchy it holds as the shape of the entire building itself serves as a symbolic point the most important parts of the site, with one side being the open lake that sits below the mountain that the bath house sits on, and the vast curtain of forest that surrounds the opposite end of the site. This forest I believe is important in order to isolate the hikers in their relaxation experience and have quiet time to themselves as they rest their bodies.


The following images show my final collages of views from both the exterior and interior of the bath house and gives a taste of what the individual may feel as they traverse through and around the bath house that I have designed.


Below are images of a model made from basswood pieces, foam core, and rockite which mimics the material of concrete on a much smaller scale for this project.