Course: Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice

Instructor: Roger B. Dannenberg

2D graphic and interactive projects created using p5.js Javascript

Click on the thumbnails below to follow the links to the interactive projects as well as the p5.js codes.


Partner: Hamza Qureshi

As a final project for this course, my partner and I were given the freedom to create anything we wanted with the skills learned throughout the time period of this course. We decided to create an interactive walk through with a resulting game much like the typical bouncing ball game. By using Javascript coding, we were able to develop a fun scenario that the user can access with ease.

Click on the box and press any key to start playing the game. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the movements of the frying pan. 




Feel free to click on the thumbnails below for the rest of the projects that I worked on as well!

pointillism portrait

string art

self portrait

variable face

abstract clock

generative landscape

dynamic drawing

mouse interaction

Turtle Graphics